All businesses whether large or small come across situations from time to time outside of their usual field of operation. When such situations arise, the right advice at the right time can be vital in saving you time and money, as well as averting major problems down the line.

We can advise and assist on most aspects of:

• Business and Property Sales and Purchases
• Leases and Tenancy Agreements
• Share Sales and Purchases
• Business Contracts
• Partnership and Shareholder Agreements
• Company Formations and Administration

Talk to us. We will provide costs information and guidance on timing.

We believe that the help we can give is based on our experience and knowledge of the law. This firm, in common with most high street practices, has adapted over the years and is itself run as a business not just as a professional entity. We are only too conscious of the difficulties businesses face; business premises, employment rules and regulations, the effect of competition, the march of technology and the impact of government regulation can be a headache without the right advice.

On each of those broad subjects we can advise:-

Business Premises

Whether purchasing a building or leasing a room it is always wise to seek advice:

• Do you have security of tenure? i.e. a right to renew.
• Will the rent increase over time?
• Who insures?
• Who repairs the roof?
• Can you transfer to a third party or share occupation?

Landlords look for security, stability and protection for their investment and the property. Tenants seek flexibility. Since these are opposing aims, compromise is inevitable. It is essential to ensure that advice is sought on what to compromise on and what to resist. We would negotiate to ensure that, whether the Landlord or the Tenant, your interests are protected and matters important to you are covered.


Effective and properly considered Terms and Conditions of Business are essential to ensure your customers know where they stand, especially if you intend to give credit. You need to consider:

• Title Retention,
• Variation of Price,
• Tolerances,
• Implied terms.

It makes sense to start right.


Technology is a field ripe for regulation. The Government wants to UK to provide the best environment for e-commerce.

• What rights does the consumer have?
• Do you know about the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000?

Government Regulation

Need we say more?

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