Whether purchasing a building or leasing a small unit, it is always wise to ensure you receive the correct advice.

As your solicitor, we will advise you on the appropriate checks and searches recommended against the particular property and fully investigate the title before you commit yourself or your business to the purchase of the property.

So far as leases are concerned, we have experience in acting for both landlords and tenants and can tackle both sides of the problem.

Whether purchasing a building or leasing a room it is always wise to seek advice:

• Do you have security of tenure? i.e. a right to renew.

• Will the rent increase over time?

• Who insures?

• Who repairs the roof?

• Can you transfer to a third party or share occupation?

Landlords look for security, stability and protection for their investment and the property. Tenants seek flexibility. Since these are opposing aims, compromise is inevitable. It is essential to ensure that advice is sought on what to compromise on and what to resist. We would negotiate to ensure that, whether the Landlord or the Tenant, your interests are protected and matters important to you are covered. We will provide costs information and guidance on timing.


In addition to these property transactions, we can also assist with sales and purchases of small businesses.This will include the preparation of the Business Sale Agreement to cover the sale or acquisition of the goodwill of a business, stock, premises, transfer of employees, clients and suppliers and all other associated aspects in the value of the business.

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