Our Criminal Department consists of a team of experienced specialist Solicitors and support staff who work together to bring you the best possible advice and representation.

We hold a Legal Services Commission Franchise for criminal law work, which means that we are recognised as giving a quality legal aid service, and we can assist with all sorts of alleged crimes from traffic offences to theft, criminal damage, assault, public order offences, drug trafficking, fraud and youth offending. We will attend Police Stations to advise you during interviews at any time of day or night. We have a Solicitor on call 24 hours a day every day of the year. If you find yourself in the Police Station under arrest then simply tell the Police Sergeant at the custody desk to contact Cyril Morris Arkwright or Darin Millar.

All of our Solicitors are dedicated criminal specialists who practice exclusively doing criminal defence work. You will always be represented by a fully qualified Solicitor.

Nevertheless, being arrested is disturbing and it may help to know your rights.

Your Rights

Did you know that you are entitled to free legal advice throughout any period of detention? Ensure that the police officers contact your solicitor. There are virtually no circumstances when you should be interviewed by the Police without having your Solicitor present. You should always ask for your solicitor to be present before you are questioned by the police. You should never be persuaded to carry on without a Solicitor on the basis that it will take too long. We can have a Solicitor present at the Police Station within 30 minutes any time day or night.

  • Did you know that you have a right to have someone informed of your arrest and detention?
  • Did you know that you can only be detained for 24 hours unless an extension is applied for? After 24 hours you must be released or charged.
  • Did you know that you have a right to be kept in reasonable conditions and given suitable food and refreshments?

If you are charged we will represent you in the Magistrates Court at the initial hearing. After this we may need to apply for Legal Aid, but in the majority of cases, this will be granted and you will still have the benefit of our help and advice free of charge.

If the charge is too serious for the Magistrates Court or you have been advised to elect to be tried by a jury, you may go to the Crown Court in front of a Judge. Two of our solicitors are specially qualified Solicitor Advocates and can represent you in Higher Courts.

Talk to us – we can help, advise and answer your questions. Contact Darin Millar or Samantha Cole on 01204 535261. Alternatively go to their personal profiles for individual email addresses.

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